About Danica

Restrained and reserved, Danica Firulovic's all-white paintings have been guided by an interest in reductive, non-objective art and the emotion evoked by the predominance of white. She is committed to painting ethereal, geometric shapes in shades of white, not fearing to liberate herself from colour.

Upon close inspection of her paintings you can find evidence of the artist's hand, in the smooth brush strokes and the lines meticulously drawn with pencil, as no masking is used. The outer edge of the support, often left bare and unpainted, exposing the linen, is of equal importance as it frames the white-on-white geometric composition. The reduced palette creates insistent neutrality and connects with the unadulterated geometric shapes, which vary in tonal application and require absorption and slow engagement as the subtleness of white serves as a meditative distraction.

Danica Firulovic (b. 1987) is a Sydney-based artist residing at Square One Studios in Alexandria. She is committed to geometric, monochromatic abstraction and the subject of feeling, in order to create works that require a response of pure emotion. In 2009, Danica completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Arts at the College of Fine Arts (COFA), now UNSW Art and Design. In 2010, she completed a Diploma of Education and returned to UNSW Art and Design from 2012 to 2013 to study a Master of Art Administration, undertaking internships in public programs and registration. Her studies and travel have allowed for a methodical exploration of Abstract Expressionism, with a focus on the works of Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Robert Ryman, and hard-edge minimalists, Josef Albers and Agnes Martin.

Her paintings are in private collections across Australia, New Zealand and the US.









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